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A tiny microchip could save endless time and worry if you ever lose your pet

Microchip-3Microchipping is a quick and simple method of identifying your pet, with countless benefits. It is already a legal requirement for dogs to have some form of identification, and by 2016 it will be the law for all dogs to be microchipped.

Should your pet ever get lost, their microchip can be scanned and linked to a national database. As long as you have kept your details updated, you will be contacted and informed of their whereabouts. The speed and ease of this process is vital, especially in an emergency situation where your pet might be injured and require treatment that can only be carried out with your consent.

Microchip-2A microchip is a small electronic circuit embedded in a smooth rice grain sized glass container. It holds a unique number which can be activated and read by an electronic reading device. All vets, dog wardens and other animal welfare professionals have scanners so in the event of your pet straying and being taken to a vet, police station or rescue shelter, it can quickly be identified.


The microchip is implanted under the skin at the back of your pet’s neck in the same way as an injection is given. The chip number needs to be registered with your contact details with one of the database companies who operate the scheme. This is done for you by us after the chip is implanted.

“Once your pet has been chipped, it is important to remember to keep your contact information up-to-date so that you can be contacted quickly if your pet is found.”