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Independent Family owned vet practice
Extra special care for your pet


Your pet’s best interests and your wishes will always guide our decisions about their treatment


“At Golden Valley Vets we want to work with our clients to get the best for their pets.”

It is what we would want for our pets and it is what we want to offer to you. We know that the best care for your very special pet is achieved by a partnership between you and us. 

No one knows your pet better than you do and that input is essential if we are to be able to pro-actively monitor your pet’s health and diagnose any conditions that they may be suffering from.

“We will always recommend the treatment we believe would be best for their individual needs, but will work with you to find alternative approaches should you require them.”

Our top team of vets and nurses are always available to you and they are supported by the most up-to-date equipment; allowing them to provide you with a full and comprehensive service.

As the leading practice in the area, we are fortunate to be able to attract top quality staff who share our passion for veterinary excellence. At the same time we are also working hard to keep costs affordable and have invested in solar panels and other projects to secure costs in the future, ensuring you the best value for money.

Historically we have usually worked on a reactive basis, where clients bring in their pet for us to treat once a condition had been identified. However, we are now increasingly trying to adopt a more pro-active approach.

Pawprint2Pets clearly age faster than we do, but we know that even in younger pets there may be signs of organ failure or disease. If these conditions are spotted early, they can be effectively treated. As can any inherited disease your pet may have.

We believe it is best to offer pro-active monitoring to our clients particularly as their pet age.


“The availability of better veterinary diagnosis and monitoring may well be able to extend a pet’s life, but at Golden Valley Vets we also believe that maintaining a good quality of life is, if anything, more important.”

This becomes increasingly significant as your pet ages and there may come a point when we have exhausted the possibilities of ‘mending’ your pet.

We understand that thinking of life without your pet is very difficult. We therefore want to assure you that we will work with you to establish a good quality of life for your pet for as long as possible. 

Whilst a ‘mend’ might not be achievable, there are lots of things we can offer to manage your pet’s health during this time. Our hospice services are there to ensure that you enjoy each other’s company for as long as possible. 

Please don’t feel afraid to ask about our hospice services as we all have pets and we all know how you are feeling.