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Puppy socialisation and training

Our on-site training classes will ensure your puppy starts off on the right paw

KongDogs are fundamentally pack animals and their driving force is to become ‘leader of the pack’. This drive has nothing to do with size. Even a Chihuahua thinks it can take on a German Shepherd and win! A dog sees your family as its pack and unless properly trained, will attempt to dominate your family with unpleasant consequences for all involved.

Puppies being raised in an exclusively human household sometimes don’t realise they are dogs, but consider themselves as people. This can lead to behavioural issues either when interacting with other dogs when out on walks or sometimes with human members of their family.

The key to avoiding these issues is a combination of early socialisation followed by an ongoing training program; preferably guided by someone experienced in the best way to reinforce socially ‘correct’ behaviour.

Ideally a pup should not be separated from its mother and litter mates until between seven and, ideally, eight weeks of age. This early critical period of being able to interact with other dogs forms the basis of normal canine behaviour patterns. It is tempting to want to take your pup home early, but it actually does neither the pup nor your family any favours in the long term.

If you can wait a little longer the chances of avoiding behavioural issues in the future are considerably reduced.

It is important to continue the good work and we would recommend dog training classes run by an experienced trainer.

Daybreak-DogsAt Golden Valley Vets we have an ongoing partnership with Daybreak Dog Training, which is run by Gemma Fisher. Gemma has vast experience in basic training and management of behavioural problems. She can offer group classes for training up to Kennel Club Gold standard, as well as individual lessons or assessments for any specific problem behaviour.

The classes are run in the barn at the Nailsea hospital, with regular evening and daytime sessions available. Individual appointments can be made by request.

To book any classes please call your usual branch or contact Gemma directly via