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Terms and Conditions

The small print


For your convenience we only see clients by appointment as this minimises waiting times. All our surgeries offer a range of appointment times during the week and on Saturday mornings, except for our Nailsea hospital, which offers consultations seven days a week.

If at all possible, we would ask you to make routine appointments during the week so that the weekend can be kept for more urgent cases. But please let us know if this is not possible. When attending appointments, please ensure that your pet is under your control or in a suitable travelling cage.

Out-of-hours cover 24 hours a day

GoldenValleyTerms2One of our commitments to clients is providing a full out-of-hours veterinary service from our Nailsea Hospital; a service which is covered by our own staff. Our team is on site 24 hours a day and our nurses have time off before and after their shifts to ensure that they are refreshed and that they can offer the very best care.

At no time are inpatients left alone on the premises – which often happens at other practices. We also do not expect you to make journeys into Bristol or other locations to be seen by other practices that do not know your pet’s medical history. 

We always answer the phone personally, so you do not have to worry about answerphones or trying to take down different numbers. If you need us, we will be there to offer reassurance, advice or whatever treatment is required.

In an out-of-hours emergency, call any of our branch numbers and you will be connected straight through to the Nailsea hospital. Our emergency service is very expensive to run, so it does involve an out-of-hours consultation charge. However, all subsequent treatments are charged at the normal rate.

We reserve the right to charge an enhanced out-of-hours fee if your pet is not registered with this practice.

Home visits

We understand that home visits are occasionally the most appropriate way to deal with a situation and these can be arranged during the normal working day.

For emergencies, the vet in charge will make a decision based on each individual case. However, we often feel the best way you can help your pet is by bringing them straight in to the Nailsea Hospital.

In this case, please ring us first to let us know you are on your way. We can then prepare appropriately.

GoldenValleyTermsIn an emergency situation, a quick response to your pet’s injuries could often mean the difference between life and death. For this reason, we would advise you to safely transport your pet to our hospital as quickly as possible. The time it takes our vets to get to your home could be utilised more efficiently by preparing to treat your pet at our hospital, where we have all the resources we need to help you.

Also, our vets do not carry any drugs or medical equipment in their cars, so we hope you understand that in most emergency situations there is very little we can do in your home.

Repeat prescriptions

We aim to have a wide range of drugs in stock at all times so that treatment for your pet can start immediately. However, drugs are expensive and have a habit of going out of date if they are not prescribed on a regular basis. For this reason, there are some items that we only hold limited stock of.

Should you require additional supplies of a drug that has been prescribed for your pet, please complete this form or contact your usual branch.

Thirty-six hours’ notice is required for all repeat drugs requests.


Please note that your pet must be a current patient of Golden Valley Vets for us to dispense drugs or provide a written prescription.

In most cases, this means that we must have physically examined your pet within the last six months. However, certain conditions may require more frequent reviews in order to ensure the safe supply of certain medications. 

The cost for a prescription review is a normal consultation fee. This protocol is in place to meet our regulatory obligations, but more importantly to safeguard your pet. To do this we require your support.

The cost of developing drugs is extremely high and getting them approved is a very expensive process. For this reason, the number of drugs that are approved for animal use is relatively small.

As a result, we are often in a position where there are no specialist animal drugs to use for a specific condition. For this reason, you may be asked to sign a consent form for a drug to be used in an off-licence situation.

Please do not be alarmed – this is normal practice and we will only suggest drugs that have been tried and tested in practice for a long period of time.

Please rest assured we will always supply a veterinary product if one exists.

We are required by our governing authorities to ensure that all drugs that we dispense have been stored at the correct temperature even during transportation. We are therefore unable to refund any drugs once they have been removed from the premises. We hope you will appreciate that this will protect you from ever receiving drugs that may have been damaged.


Kittens backgroundOur aim is to always offer cost effective veterinary care. To help us to achieve this, we require payment for your consultation or treatment at the time and offer a 10% discount if your balance is cleared on the day of treatment by debit card cash or cheque. If cleared by credit card we offer an 8% discount. 

The discount is only offered if a full payment is received on the day of treatment and cannot be offered after that point. The discount is not offered on any out-of-hours’ work.

If insurance work is involved, we would ask you to supply us with a signed claim form which we are happy to submit to your insurance company on your behalf, together with the full payment for your pet’s treatment.

For larger amounts (by prior agreement only) we will accept payment directly from your insurance company. However, all excesses should be paid at the time we receive your claim form. If the insurance company has a problem with your claim, or takes a prohibitive length of time to pay, we reserve the right to request payment from you.

We also reserve the right to charge an administration fee for work associated with insurance claims.

All outstanding accounts will also be pursued through the courts. We do not feel it is fair for the majority of our clients to cover the costs of a few people who have defaulted on payments.

Any charges associated with recovering unpaid amounts will be the responsibility of the defaulting client and added to the amount outstanding.